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UNMASK THE TASTE of French Summer!

On July 26, Kronenbourg 1664 brought the vivacious culture of French summer to the doorstep of High Society Mansion at Pacific Plaza. We helped celebrate the launch of premium wheat beer, Kronenbourg 1664 BLANC, courtesy of the lovely ladies from Sixth Sense Communications. While we are well acquainted with a lager or two, this was very much favoured for its refreshing taste of light and citrusy overtones.

As the temperature rises, it’s always a good sign when you’re greeted at the door with a chilled light beer to commence the evening. High Society Mansion, as the name suggests, translates luxury and opulence into life. A thoughtful combination of classic elegance and style, the soul-warming lounge boasts plenty of personality in its French styled décor: A deep red, black and white outfit, with plenty of marble, chandeliers and gold trim. High quality canapés were served to satiate the appetite of hungry guests, needless to say, along with free-flow bottles of Kronenbourg 1664 BLANC. And to cement that time-traveller experience of lavish masquerade balls in the 17th century, we were also given a Venetian mask to wear!

The angelic Brand Ambassadors of Kronenbourg 1664 were the highlight of the evening. Donned in a heavily sequined blue mini dress, coupled with a pair of angel’s wings, they were hard to missed as they went round the room to unveil the key ingredients that make up this distinct beer. It was revealed, the Kronenbourg 1664 BLANC is made from wheat, coriander seeds and orange peel. Aah… never has there been such finesse and nostalgia in one place.

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