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Dubbed by Vogue UK as the “new rising star”, Tine Beez is fast turning heads in the fashion scene for her arresting taste in style. Not one to conform, the young German designer proves to have a unique knack for creating comfortable, yet cutting-edge sportswear. And with that multitude of a talent, it’s little wonder she now holds the reigns as Uniting Future Legends’ (UFL) lead fashion designer. We’ll keep the superlatives to a minimum and have Tine walk us through her journey as a fashion designer thus far. 

Audrey Lee: Career wise, it’s safe to say you’re heading towards a very successful path. Was working with active sportswear always a goal for you, or was it something that sparked in the wake of your fashion endeavour?

Tine Beez: During my studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London I developed a strong interest in functional and intelligent textiles. I was doing research on Nano Technology and latest sportswear and fabric developments. My ambition throughout the whole of University – as well as now – is to make latest fashion functional.

Sports and keeping fit is a major part of my personal life. I am a passionate long-distance runner and enjoy various types of sports. It was an obvious choice for me to go into sportswear design. I feel fortunate to be able to make a living from the combination of my two most dominant interests – art and sport. 

AL: What inspired you to bring together style and athletic wear all under the same banner?

TB: Sportswear has not always been fashionable. During the 1980s, designers started to create trendy sportswear but at that time fabrics were nowhere near as functional as they are now. Today, I would like to combine the best of both worlds – innovative design and latest functional textiles. 

AL: You have cited mountaineer, George Mallory, as a major inspiration for your ‘Fashion meets Technology’ collection, what fuelled your thought process?

TB: Researching on George Mallory was very inspiring as I learned about sportswear fabrics and cuts from the ‘old days’. At UFL we are always sourcing for alternative and innovative materials and cuts. Quite a few exciting innovations can be expected in our AW 2012 line.

Color Your Performance 

AL: The design concept behind UFL’s ‘Color Your Performance’ was conceived to suit anyone with the desire to be fashionable and sporty at the same time. How does the collection reflect on your personal style?

TB: I like a wide mix of different styles. It is important to keep your mind open to whatever is out there. A couple of years ago I started collecting traditional clothes from all over the world. This kind of clothes excites me just as much as the latest designer wears.

Color plays a big part in my life. It is an art to handle color. They are like music. Colors evoke emotions and not all colors are good to be mixed together.

My everyday clothes are a mix of practical but stylish basics, with a combination of whatever I feel like wearing that day.

Play Loud
AL: And what of ‘Play Loud’? What is the unique contributing factor to the collection and how does it differ from the ‘Color Your Performance’ range?

TB: The ‘Color Your Performance’ line has a more bold approach to golf wear than the ‘Play Loud’ collection. Every line is a development based on a mix of market research, design innovation and our own developments. We are currently working on Autumn/Winter 2012, which will be another exciting line.

AL: Finally, will you leave us a little known fact about Tine Beez?

TB: Being based in Asia opened my mind even more in terms of styling and design interests. Our planet is magical. There are so many things to discover and try out. I am dedicating my life to explore and learn as much as possible.

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