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a sweet affair

Patisse... sounds like a title that jumped right out from a French romantic novel. Well it's not. But in my case, it should be. I got to be in two places at once, Patisse brings Paris to Sydney, and is certainly a café like no other. It’s sooo pretty, and even its signage looks good enough to eat! If I were to ever start my own café, it would just be like Patisse’s long lost companion. A perfect place to chill out with friends and loved ones, I had quite a tasteful Saturday with the boyfriend, Ray, and his sister, Christine. It wasn’t planned or anything, we just happened to stumble upon it by accident. The leaning tower of macaroons was what that caught my eye and before I knew it, I was pressing my face hard against the glass counter, with my hot steamy breath fogging it up. Behind it was filled with generous lashings of sugar, frosting, cream and butter, packed into all sorts of yummy savoury treats. At that point, my goal weight suddenly became almost impossible to reach.

As always, I had to have my daily dose of caffeine and a hot mocha was a perfect start. For mains, I had a handsome dish of portobello mushroom & goats curd on sourdough. Hearty, but I would also like to think it was a very healthy choice. The dessert was one I could not wait to sink my teeth into. And oh my god! Even a teeny tiny bite of that strawberry cake was enough to put me on cloud nine. The caramelized top melted in my mouth like cotton candy, and that eight-layered buttery delight with the chunks of strawberries was just full of goodness and bursting with flavour. It was definitely the winner of that day. With my taste buds spinning out of control, it got me all pumped up for my baking class with Christine this Saturday. For all you know, I may be the next Julia Child.

Patisse is located in a quaint little corner of Shop G01, PYD Building at 197 Young Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017, Australia. One in Singapore perhaps?

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